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Private Jet Catering will not bear any liability for the non-performance or suspension of is activities which has been directly or indirectly caused by any strike, conflagration, flooding, inability to obtain raw materials, traffic jams, accidents, wars, insurrections, rioting, inclement weather, government statutes or other regulations or causes that prevent the company's activity and which are beyond Private Jet Catering's control. In the event that activity is terminated, all deposits paid for undelivered merchandise will be refunded.

Our quoted prices is VAT 0%

All changes to orders confirmed by us (requests for changes in quantity) must be announced at least 48hours  before the delivery deadline. If this is not done, changes that make quantity reductions will still invoiced

"Fast track" orders
under 24h from order to delivery)+50%
under 6 h from order to delivery +100%
All changes to orders confirmed by us(reguests for changes in guantity) must be announced at least
6 hours before the delivery deadline.
48 hour  -no charge 
24 hour - full charge