Fruit Platter
'This luxurious fruit platter is made using the finest available fruits peeled by hand
- the fruit platter is made up with the favourites such as  Pineapple, Kiwi Fruit, Strawberries,
Cantaloupe Melon, Grapes, blueberries,  Oranges and whatever other high quality season product or grocer has on the day          58e

Cheese Platter
Using a selection of local hard and soft cheeses from some of Finnish artisan cheese producers, there are a selection of 5 different cheeses- dressed with seasonal fruit.                                                                               49e  

Charcuterie board
Using a selection of local meats where possible that includes - 
 Ham, Roast Limousine Beef, Marinated Finnish Chicken Fillet,
salami, prosciutto - dressed with olives and bread                                                                      62e

Continental breakfast
Freshly squeezed orange juice,mini muffin&breakfast pastries,butter,jam,cream cheese,fresh fruit
cheese &cold meat                                                       59e

Low fat kick start
Freshly squeezed orange juice,cold smoked salmon,cucumber,natural yougurt,granola
carrot bread&low fat butter

Coffee  1 L              26e                                        

Tea selection &
Hot water               22e        

Hot Chocolate        28e