Privatejet Menus offer a full range of additional services;
these services include flower arrangements for on board to laundry and dishwashing service.  

Wet ice can  be ordered in 2kg bags.                                                                        54e / 2kg
 Dry ice can also be ordered but 72 hours notice is required                          85e /2kg

We can collect and have laundered
everything from clothing,
bedding, table clothes and napkins. Just let us know and we can arrange collection and will deliver the next day 12 hours needed from collection to delivery 
send type of order in email

Flower baskets
 for on board to bouquets of flowers as gifts
just let us know what size and style you need 
send type of order in email

We can take away and have washed and polished any cutleries or glassware that requires cleaning - 12 hours notice is required

Rovaniemi is not a huge city but does offer a lot of shopping with local and international brands..
if you need something just let us know and we will find it